Injury: 6/16/12
Diagnosed and MRI'd: 6/21/12
Surgery: 6/27/12

When they opened me up they realized that my tear was sooo low that there wasn't much to pull from on the bottom. Still successfully stitched together (w/protective layer) but CANNOT re-injure or will require 2 surgeries.

Put in a cast on on strict bed rest until:7/5/12
Placed in boot: 7/5/12 instructions: NO WEIGHT AT ALL for 4 weeks!...rented a knee scooter. I'm allowed to sleep w/o out as long as I do not move from the bed w/o putting it back on and must do gentle up/down and circular movements, which feels heavenly!

Scheduled for 3 week follow-up: 7/28/12

My boot Air Boot by Bledsoe

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