Progress Pics (not for the squeamish)

7/5/12: Cast off 10 day post-op. Cast is off and in an airboot.

7/5/12 - Cast taken off 10 days post-op

7/11/12: First shower for the foot. Stitches are mostly dissolved.

7/12/12 - stitches dissolving first shower of foot!

2 Responses to “Progress Pics (not for the squeamish)”

  1. Your very brave. I did not look at my stitches. They removed them and put the cast on over it. I did ask how many and they said 12. It was a long incision because they had to cleanup the mess and fish around for the ends. Congratulations on your milestone.
    Stay Healthy!

  2. I had 12 stitches too. Very low rupture near the heel. I was pretty nervous to look at it but I wanted to be sure the wound healed well, as that would get me closer to a full body shower:D

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