14 Days Post-op

I seem to be one of the few women with an achilles tendon injury and I think it will help with this long recovery if I start posting my progress.

I am currently 14 days post-op. I had no choice my tendon was torn [95% of it] was too close to my ankle and would not have healed correctly. I spent 10 days in a cast and on complete bed rest, except for trips to the bathroom, before I was put in my air boot. I am still to treat the boot like a cast…and really it’s just feels better to sleep in it and be in it 99% of the time. I do take out for gentle up and down and circular movements to take the stiffness out and keep my toes from tingling so much.

Currently, I will be on a knee scooter/crutches for the next 4 weeks. I have been back at work (day 2) as a legal asst. so seated most of the time but leaving work early for this first week as my whole body is sore and exhausted….and maybe I’m a little depressed about the fact that I will not be running until January 2013:(

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  1. Hang in there greysmom! I am 8 months Post Op and it has gone fast for me. My foam roller has been my best friend. Works out all those kinks and tight muscles that get tweaked from this injury. Crutches suck even for the fitest athletes. make a plan rearrnge your schedule and take the time to heal properly. Best wishes to your recovery!

  2. Thanks for the suggestion on the foam roller, going to buy one tomorrow.

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