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Road To Recovery!

Hello all!

I am on day 6 of a long anticipated full grueling road to recovery! I am very grateful for Dennis creating such a community where we can all help one another in the different stages of  our recovery.

It was late day one, the block must have worn off in my leg and in dire need of  any help I could find. The old intraweb was where I turned and site was my savior!

I feel the first two days post op were the worst for pain. The meds helped there fore shore! I have weened my way off the hard drugs and resort to Advil for any inflammation now. Which is usually a direct result of me crutching around more than I should.

Day4 I went for a business lunch to tie up a few loose ends. Yup found out the hard way. Sitting with an elevated leg is not even close to the same as laying down. However elevating my leg correctly to mange comfort and pain is still my biggest battle. As discomforting as it is laying down it doesn’t even come close to the discomfort in sitting. Hence I will just have to do lunches from the couch.

I so so look forward to the day where I can stand up without pain coming down to my foot, sitting instead of laying down all day. Oh and getting out of the two week cast and into the boot cast.

The AchillesBlog has been an absolute blessing and I look forward to experiencing my road to recovery with my fellow bloggers.


2 Responses to “Road To Recovery!”

  1. Michael Says:

    The exploding toe syndrome is painful and still pretty fresh in my mind. One thing I found that helped was to keep my foot up for five minutes and then put it down for a minute. If that is too much, try putting your foot down for a couple seconds then back up. Repeat several times before you get up. This allows the blood to start flowing before getting the full rush back into the capillaries.

  2. kimjax Says:

    It’s better at 4 weeks, Steve. When I rest it on the floor with about 5-10 lbs of pressure, the blood doesn’t pool and cause pain. Doc just started allowing me to put small pressure on it. Hanging the leg while crutching is still painful. Floor exercises like crunches seem to help for whatever reason. Icing is HUGE in alleviating pain. I ice above the cast and it helps the entire leg.

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