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Week Four

Posted in Uncategorized on June 24, 2012 by grasslake

It’s been two weeks since my last post. Things are looking up!

I have seen my surgeon and all bodes well, my tendon is on the mend! My surgeon was able to reassure me my tendon was still in tact and stitches were removed. I was given some ROM exercises I could do three times a day and told to walk in small distances around the house. Which I cannot do maybe a step or two. The boot is to high and I have massive sharp pin prick feelings in my heel when I try and walk. This morning I removed my first wedge and feel more level yet still stabbing type pain in the heel if I try and walk.

Otherwise all seems good some burning pains come and go in the tendon area but I am use to it and for some reason seem to like it. Guess I have a pain fetish I never knew I had LOL! Sleeping with the boot absolutely sucks any info on how long you have to sleep in the boot would be greatly appreciated. I don’t know how much longer I can take it. If I didn’t hurt my tendon when I fell how could do any damage while sleeping?

I am really looking forward to my 6 week post-op check up so I can begin real PT. I feel ready now but was told not to do anything other than ROM exercises until the next post-op appointment, as the tendon is still not fully ready for the next step. I won’t push the last thing I want is a set back in the long road to recovery.

Till the next post.


Week two!

Posted in Uncategorized on June 8, 2012 by grasslake

Well as I know a long road to recovery was to be expected. Knowing and hearing constantly from people its a marathon not a sprint. I felt in the drivers seat and ready for the long ride ahead, until day 13.

I had arrived at the hospital for my first post op appointment with pain and discomfort fairly less marginalized. Feeling pretty optimistic in regards to the removal of first splint/cast/stitches removed and into the new boot. Hoped in a cab, headed over the bridge, just moments away was a fresh new start.

Arrived at hospital now just need to find the right place to go, better ask at information.

“Third floor elevator is at the end of the floor on your left.” Thank you mam.”

!!F*&^!**^K  The second I turned and put my crutches to the ground bam right crutch slips on the wet floor….. Yup splat on my face and what a yank I felt…….  yes the injured tendon. Pretty much straight to tears not so much from the pain but that I just spent two weeks babying my leg,  not putting so much as an ounce of weight on it.  Thinking its done back to square one.

Well I’m in the right place and my surgeon was on the third floor and just preying its not re-ruptured. Man did it hurt like hell. An orderly was near by and got me into a wheelchair. Lady at info desk never got out of her chair and even asked if I was okay.

Got to reception at third floor finding it only gets worse that my surgeon was not there and appointment was rescheduled. So back down to emergency and literally in the same seat same pain as two weeks ago. Now waiting for another doctor from my surgeons office to examine my achilles to arrive.

Doctor finally arrives cuts off the cast and observes and performs I guess whats called the Thompson test. Squeezing my calf to see if the foot moves. He says it does I don’t really notice maybe a hair if it did. All I can feel is the pain pretty much as bad as I’ve felt. He again says it takes a lot to re-tear and hes 95% its okay. Says an x-ray MRI or ultra sound won’t show anything at this stage because the original injury/surgery is still such a mess.

Honestly I am still in shock and so disappointed and depressed at this stage and just hope he is right. He was able to still get me into the boot which I was somewhat excited about but my leg was so sore it didn’t feel any better at all. When putting the boot on with the boot technician I was on my stomach and he did some more tests, squeezing of calf again and moving of foot saying it would hurt etc and again said he saw my foot move. Which I guess is good news.

Doctor saying I should come back in 5 days to see my surgeon and get it looked at and stitches removed then.

I am trying to be ever so optimistic. The pain honestly is still brutal feels as though I never had the surgery at all. I hope he is right and its just very tender and pain will subside in a day or so. I just was getting into a total comfort zone. Crutching around with less swelling sleeping and laying down with very little pain.

Oh man I still gotta a long way to go. Not even thinking marathon now. Just get me back to the comfort zone!

Hope the next post is more promising.


Road To Recovery!

Posted in Uncategorized on May 31, 2012 by grasslake

Hello all!

I am on day 6 of a long anticipated full grueling road to recovery! I am very grateful for Dennis creating such a community where we can all help one another in the different stages of  our recovery.

It was late day one, the block must have worn off in my leg and in dire need of  any help I could find. The old intraweb was where I turned and site was my savior!

I feel the first two days post op were the worst for pain. The meds helped there fore shore! I have weened my way off the hard drugs and resort to Advil for any inflammation now. Which is usually a direct result of me crutching around more than I should.

Day4 I went for a business lunch to tie up a few loose ends. Yup found out the hard way. Sitting with an elevated leg is not even close to the same as laying down. However elevating my leg correctly to mange comfort and pain is still my biggest battle. As discomforting as it is laying down it doesn’t even come close to the discomfort in sitting. Hence I will just have to do lunches from the couch.

I so so look forward to the day where I can stand up without pain coming down to my foot, sitting instead of laying down all day. Oh and getting out of the two week cast and into the boot cast.

The AchillesBlog has been an absolute blessing and I look forward to experiencing my road to recovery with my fellow bloggers.