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Jun 16 2014

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Happy 6 month Anniversary to me!

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Today marks the 6 month anniversary of my injury. All in all, I am doing well. My last physical therapy was on April 30th. I have been going to spin classes and can stand quite a bit with the rest of the class. I can’t go fast out of the seat but it’s getting better each time. I still have some pain in my heel after being on my feet a lot during the day. I saw my OS on June 6th. He told me it was the heel plate and that can take a bit of time to go away. I can get up on my toes when I use both feet, but it’s nearly impossible - still - to do a one legged toe raise. I keep trying. I know I’m not as faithful as I should be about doing that exercise. I have tried to jump a bit but that still scares me. I think I’m going to try a jump rope soon. Basically, I’m still a chicken, lol!  I walk mostly with no limping or very little.  If I have been sitting for a while, I feel a little creaky getting up and moving.  My good ankle still bothers be some - overworked for so long - but I do stretches on both ankles and feet and that helps a lot.

To all who are starting this journey, it does get better. I’m sure you’ve read that in a lot of blogs on here but it’s true. The first 2 to 3 months is basically no fun. Everything you do, whether it be trying to get around on crutches, knee scooter or with the boot (once you get that far) is exhausting. And your emotional state is not so great either. I didn’t realize how much my emotional state was down for about 3 months. On top of this problem, my work situation was not great either, so I had a double whammy. Things are looking up, though.

Happy healing to all!


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