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Mar 14 2014

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First PT Session

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Finally, PT! I loved it. I may not say that as I am trying to get out of bed tomorrow, but we shall see. Here’s a┬ásummary of my treatment:

*Rode stationary bike for 8 minutes
*Stepped over short brackets (?) making sure to use the heel/toe stride, 5 laps up and back
*Step up and down on 1 step 30 times
*Walked on 1/2 rubber balls on the floor, about 12 of them, 5 laps up and back. This one was a killer!
*Stood on balance board, 30 seconds, 3 times. Much harder than it seems
*Leaned forward on balance board, stretching Achilles, 30 seconds 3 times
*Balanced on a cushion with my left (ATR) foot for 10 seconds, then "good" foot for 10 seconds. 10 sets of these. Again, harder than it seems it would be.
*Moved to a low table. Used a round saucer-type object. Had to do the front and back, side to side and then circles with my foot on top of this, touching the edges to the floor. 30 of each
*Moved to the end of a table. She tied a band to the leg of the table and I had to stretch again front and back, side to side. 30 each
*This was fun - I had to pick up marbles with my toes and put them in a small container for 5 minutes.
*Then the torture began! I laid on a table and she started maneuvering my toes and ankle in all sorts of painful positions. My ankle is very stiff and she said we had to get it moving better. I closed my eyes and cringed while she did this, lol.
*Finally - she iced my ankle for about 10 minutes and I was free to go.

I’m excited to go back on Monday! I’m a glutton for punishment.

Happy Healing!


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Mar 10 2014

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A proper shower

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Another mile stone (to me, anyway) today. I had a real shower standing up! You stay much warmer that way rather than sitting and using a doggie sprayer. Much faster, too!

Getting better every day!

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Mar 07 2014

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2 Shoes today!

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I started the day out in 2 shoes. I wore some Clark’s shoes that slip on. I tried tennis shoes but that really irritated my scar. I took the boot with me to work. I sometimes have to walk a lot at work and I wanted to be prepared if I wasn’t able to walk. I did okay - ended up putting the boot on after about 3 1/2 hours. Once I came home I put the shoes back on and left them for the entire afternoon. My ankle started to hurt again on either side so I put the boot back on again as I had a lot of walking to do around the house.

Do most of you just jump into 2 shoes and go for it? Am I being a wimp?

Looking forward to PT on Wednesday.

Happy healing!

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