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Exciting Day!

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After two weeks of PT, I went to a basketball game today in a pair of Merrells. I had to walk further than usual; up stairs, down stairs and did fine. However, the high point of the day was when someone asked me “which foot did you have surgery on?” They couldn’t tell! That means progress!!!! (Surgery was November 22.) Came home to do my PT homework!

Physical Therapy

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Yesterday was day one of PT. The evaluation and initial treatment, massage, strengthening exercises, homework assignment took about 1.5 hours. I will be going twice a week for 5 weeks. I had been doing PT several months before my surgery so I was acquainted with many of the exercises, etc. My doctor had encouraged me to get my ankle moving as soon as the cast came off, so I was happy to find that the range of motion on my ATR foot was better than my non-operated on foot! However, the strength is another matter! I am ready to get walking in a normal gait. We are hoping that a dog adoption is around the corner and I want to be able to take “Daisy” for a walk in the neighborhood. I plan on trying a swim this weekend and am pleasantly surprised at my attempts on the exercise bike. Swelling is still a problem - I have added compression stocking to my Rest, Ice, and Elevation - It is helping some and the swelling at the base of my toes has really subsided. I overdid last Monday - went shopping for a bit - and don’t want to overdo again for a while! The swelling was much worse after that for about 24 hours. Anyway, I am enjoying being boot free - although I would not hesitate to put it back on if I decide to go to the grocery store! (or any other crowded place) Thanks for all the support, sharing etc on this site - it really helps! To any of you at the beginning of this journey, do not lose heart…it does get better!


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Woo hoo!  I have just completed a full day of two shoes.  Saw the doctor yesterday and he encouraged me to retire my boot except  for when I was in crowds. We stopped by the grocery store on the way home and I went in…realized when a lady came up close behind me pushing a cart that I would consider the grocery store “a crowd” for quite a while!  I almost had a panic attack just thinking about her touching my heel with her cart!  Today I went to work and have been in my shoes (Merrells clogs) all day.  I have an appointment with the PT next Wednesday.  My foot is swollen tonight.  The compression sock had been working well on keeping the swelling down but today the foot looks pretty fat.  I am icing, elevating etc.  Will do less standing/walking tomorrow.  The doctor wasn’t worried about the swelling and said it was normal.  He also told me I could bike, swim and even work out on the elliptical - but that sounds a bit much for now!  I will try biking and swimming first.  Trying to walk properly in my two shoes…definitely walking happily!

Kathy - Grammy

Almost …two shoes

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I was supposed to return to the doctor on 2/19 with two shoes but life got in the way.  It has been a busy month for me - valentines day as a florist and my sons wedding the following week and then taking care of a 15 month old grandson for three days.   I have kept on in my boot - which probably was good for protecting my achilles.  Now, I have questions….

1.  I still have swelling - both sides of my ankle and on top of my foot - will this ever end?

2. With this in mind, any shoe recommendations?

3.  When moving to two shoes, how much time in boot vs shoes each day?

i had a small spot at the bottom of my incision that was stubborn about healing that has finally healed - hoping to begin PT after Monday and possibly swimming.  I have had a few times lately where I had pain at the back of my calf - sharp but goes away - at about the site of my upper incision - should I be concerned?

Happy to be heading to the four month mark and have valentines month behind me!  Kathy

A notch lower

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I am one layer of “risers” lower - I took a lift out of my boot last night after one week post cast - as the doctor instructed. I did it at night so my foot/ankle/calf could get used to the difference without weight since I sleep in my boot. This morning I noticed some stiffness and cramping but took 2 advil when I got to work and have been happily more balanced in my walking (with a walker) and going up the curb, 3 steps, etc to move about my house. I rested and elevated some - but am VERY excited to be a bit lower in the boot! I am going to send the knee scooter back later this week as I feel more secure using the walker and am building more endurance now. I mostly use the walker for balance but with one less lift, even that is better. I am sure I will have more questions soon. But tonight I am enjoying just that bit of freedom.

question about swelling

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Is it normal to have more swelling than when I first got my cast off? I haven’t really done that much but I haven’t had my foot elevated as much as before. How long does the swelling stay around? I am sleeping in the boot and taking it off a few times a day when I know I won’t be tempted to stand..I do some toe wiggling and ankle movements. It just seems more swollen than when the cast came off on Thursday. Should I be concerned? Do I just need to elevate more? I try to keep it elevated but “toes above the nose” is difficult to achieve when you are trying to get back to some type of normal! Any thoughts or advice? I wasn’t really an athlete before this but I was active…compared to the last six weeks.

Followup #2

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First, thanks for all the comments on my question about what to do about being in a boot, PWB and working.  I plan to try to get an office chair with rollers that will be tall enough for our counter and computer in the morning. And I will take the knee scooter to prop my leg on.

The cast is off!  I was fitted for a boot with 4 lifts and can put as much weight as I want or don’t want on it!!!  It is way awkward with so many lifts but next Thursday one comes out!  They told me to sleep in the boot with a pillowcase over it.  The doctor was in surgery and I saw the PA who said everything looked normal (big sigh of relief) but that I still had to keep my battle scar dry until it is cleaner.  I was really looking forward to getting in a pool and feeling light on my feet!  I go back in 3 weeks and then will begin some PT.  As for now, I am to move my ankle and toes a bit each day.  Already life is a bit easier in an old house with lots of stairs!  I plan to keep my knee scooter until I go back to the doctor in three weeks - I think.  My caretaker (husband) is looking forward to a day off when I go to work tomorrow!

Happy 2014!

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I am 36 hours away from casting off the cast! I will be in a boot with several inserts - if I remember exactly what the doctor said. I have been using a knee scooter and a walker but was wondering what I might need to be PWB and back at work. Any suggestions? I own a flower shop and the next two months = most of the years profits so I need to be somewhat mobile. Although I am very thankful for my knee scooter, I find it awkward and somewhat difficult to maneuver. Should I try to find some crutches to try? Reminder - I am 60 and not very fit - but I do hope to be moving in that direction! Any ideas?

Best wishes to all of you for 2014!

One month from surgery

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Hi! I am one month from surgery - I had surgery on my right achilles after trying for six months to avoid with therapy, boot etc. Surgery was a relief as was finding the wealth of knowledge on this blog. Pain had been minimal ( compared to before surgery) until I had a fall from my knee scooter last week - I broke the big toe on my repaired foot and am hoping that is all the damage that has been done. I am feeling more twinges etc in my ankle area but maybe that is healing? Initially I was in a splint and I have been in a cast for two weeks - it comes off Jan 2 - damage will be evaluated then. I will be in a boot for a while after cast removal and with wedges- right now my foot is casted with four wedges. Trying to rest as much as possible but getting restless.