The road ahead…0-2weeks

As this is my first blog entry I guess it would be prudent to give a little run-down. I am a fit 37 year old physed teacher. I was playing rugby on May 28 and felt a pop (thought I was kicked). When I tried to stand and walk it off I quickly identified something was wrong. Once I removed my sock and saw the gap in my achilles I knew what had happened.
I made preparations on the trip home (it was a road game) in hopes that I would have surgery that night. The docket was already full and I ended up having surgery 36 hours later, May 30.
My pain level was never high during or following the injury, and the same can be said about the surgery. My surgery was percutaneous, which is quite a bit less invasive than a fully open repair. 6 (I think) small holes and some fancy needle work get everything where it should be. Ive been half casted for the past 2 weeks and go for my first follow up tomorrow with the surgeon.
I have experienced very little swelling, and was only on pain meds for 1 day. The biggest difficulty so far has arisen from trying to get around. I rented a knee scooter (great invention) which has irritated my old patellar tendonitis lump under my knee cap. Small price to pay for mobility and no crutches.

0-2 week pre-follow up post.

I am hoping to post updates leading into each milestone/check point in my recovery. I have learned a lot of real life information that cannot be found in a medical journal on these pages. Hopefully I can offer some insight to someone else.