Back at the gym

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Another milestone reached. I went back to the gym today as I was cleared by my physio last week. It was a great feeling but I was a little nervous as it was where I ruptured almost 9 weeks ago. All the staff came over and asked how I was - pity they didn’t check on me when I was stuck at home as I ATR’d under the supervision of one of the trainers.

Having said all that I was nice to get a sweat on and get the heart racing. I did a fairly low key workout but did include the cross trainer on a low resistance and the exercise bike. No weights on my legs until the physio gives the green light on that. Burning calories feels good.

Tendon is very stiff in the morning but soon loosens up. Back at physio on Wednesday.

All the best


2 shoes, limp fading, driving and physio!

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Well its almost 8 weeks to the day I ATR’d and yesterday I was cleared for 2 shoe goodness. The surgeon was very impressed with my tendon and calf strength saying everything was ‘excellent’. I didn’t mention I had been doing some of my own exercises and had seen a private specialist physio as well but hey! I have ditched the aircast and I hope it gathers dust quickly in my cupboard (but the physio has asked for it if possible to lend to customers - don’t see why not!) and all I have is a small heal insert and a slight limp. Physio had me bending my leg towards a wall, using a theraband and doing calf stretches. All OK but it feels tight and I am nervous when pushing. He just said having some ‘good’ pain is OK but no more.

My physio also said I am on a 4 month programme for full fitness, so that would be 6 months in total which sounds about right. After being housebound for the last 2 months this feeling is soooo good.

For all you ATR sufferers I know its a cliche but it does get better. Oh and BTW for the people asking I haven’t used this Isokenetic Dynamometer yet. Apparently I may use it in my physio session next week.

All the best everyone!


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