Week 23 - ran 5k outside!

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So it was a beautiful day here in middle England so I decided to go for it and progress from the treadmill in the gym and run on the roads. Decided to take it easy but did 5k in 27 mins which felt great. 6 mins behind my fastest 5k time but I dont care. Just to be running in the spring air was wonderful, especially as I am 23 weeks post op.

Next plan is to up the distances as the leg felt great, my fitness held me back!

All the best everyone.


Week 11 all things going OK

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So thought I would post some updates as I haven’t done so for a couple of weeks.

Things are going well - I have still have a limp and the leg is still weak as I cannot lift my body weight yet but I am back in the gym 3 or 4 times per week so the strength is slowly returning. Lots of leg work, cycling and general CV stuff seem to be doing some good. I am walking well for a few miles but the ankle area does get sore after a gym visit or walking around 2 miles or more.

I am seeing my NHS PT on Monday for my first visit so it will be interesting what she says compared to my private PT. Hopefully she might massge the area a bit so try rid it of this soreness.

I reckon another 3 months to get to 95% and then probably 6 months to get to 100%. No idea when I can start running again but will wait for a green light from the PT before even attempting.

11 weeks since my op and I think I am doing well just thought I would have a bit more stength in the calf/tendon by now. I hope everyone else is progressing well. All the best.


Less than 2 weeks post op and FWB!

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So I went for my first visit to see the surgeon after my op on 18 September today. They took the cast off and I was amazed how little the scar was and the fact there was no swelling (you can compare the ankle in the photos attached). The surgeon then declared I am to move into a Aircast boot with 3 support heels (see photo) and to take one out every 2 weeks. He then stated I should go to full weight bearing immediately but still use crutches as it will be quite painful for a while. I can take the boot off whenever I like - especially when relaxing in front of the TV and excercise my tendon but not to bring the foot upwards too much - take it easy! I can also shower fully after the weekend but not have a bath until next week as the wound still needs some more time to completely heal.

I couldn’t really take all this in as I was expecting to be at least NWB for another 2 weeks and only then move onto PWB. I did ask what the catch was and he said nothing - just be careful. Because I had this new key hole technique the incision was only 1-2cm (see photo) and I could be more aggressive.

I am back in hospital in 6 weeks time for the final heel removal and checkup. I forgot to ask and he didn’t mention about physio so I guess it would be best to restrict myself to PWB/FWB and moving my ankle around although I did want to ask about cycling and forgot! I guess I should be able to do that in about 2 weeks or so.

All in all a good day - let’s hope this continues.

All the very best


Encouraging blood flow?

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When I sit around not doing much (i.e. watching TV or reading) to pass the time should I be encouraging blood flow to my achilles by not raising my foot but resting it on the floor? This obviously lets the blood flow down to the wound and encourage its healing? Sometimes my foot in the cast throbs but as I don’t feel I have any swelling surely the more blood in that area the better?

Appreciate your comments…


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