A few weeks since I last posted but thought this merited a short blog ;) Went to see my NHS physio on Wednesday and demonstrated I can do calf raises alebit only about 2 or 3cms high. I dont care as that felt fantastic.

She then said right get down the gym and try jogging on the treadmill. 3 mins running 1 min walking. See how you go…

You betcha. Went down today climbed on the treadmill with a little trepidation walked for 1 min and then pushed the button and ran. First time in 5 months. Boy did it feel good and I suffered no pain or discomfort. Rested after 3 mins and then repeated. I did this 3 times and it felt wonderful. Absolutely knackered at the end of it but I dont care. I have to do this for the next 3 weeks and if I suffer no problems I can move outside to road running!

Am now home and the leg feels fine, no swelling or pain. My goal of 3 10k races this summer and a half marathon in October looks achievable :)

All the best everyone