So its been 5 weeks since my last update and things are going OK but in some ways a little disappointing.

I am still seeing my private PT once a week and NHS PT once every 2 weeks. While the strength is returning to my calf the pain and soreness in my tendon and surrounding area is a concern. The PT has me using a glorified Tens Machine to boost the strength building in my calf - and its working well. After having a couple of sessions on the Isokinetic Dynometer, my private PT was concerned that my strength was not returing as quickly as expected and introduced this Tens thing. It basically electrocutes you (!) with varying degrees of pain and stimulates the muscles. The pain scale goes from 0 - 999 and I managed 340 last time. The more pain the more gain! A professional rugby player he has been treating recently managed 900!!! That must of hurt!

My main worry is the soreness in my tendon and ankle area. When I go for a brisk walk or use the treadmill at the gym (on a steep incline) I can manage 10 minutes until pain sets in and I have to stop as it gets really uncomfortable. I just thought after 16 weeks I would be further on with the soreness management! Running after 6 months is looking increasingly unlikely :(

Other than that all progress going well - I only have a limp when I get the pain.

I hope everyone had a good Christmas and enjoyable New Year!

Cheers Graham