So thought I would post some updates as I haven’t done so for a couple of weeks.

Things are going well - I have still have a limp and the leg is still weak as I cannot lift my body weight yet but I am back in the gym 3 or 4 times per week so the strength is slowly returning. Lots of leg work, cycling and general CV stuff seem to be doing some good. I am walking well for a few miles but the ankle area does get sore after a gym visit or walking around 2 miles or more.

I am seeing my NHS PT on Monday for my first visit so it will be interesting what she says compared to my private PT. Hopefully she might massge the area a bit so try rid it of this soreness.

I reckon another 3 months to get to 95% and then probably 6 months to get to 100%. No idea when I can start running again but will wait for a green light from the PT before even attempting.

11 weeks since my op and I think I am doing well just thought I would have a bit more stength in the calf/tendon by now. I hope everyone else is progressing well. All the best.