Well its almost 8 weeks to the day I ATR’d and yesterday I was cleared for 2 shoe goodness. The surgeon was very impressed with my tendon and calf strength saying everything was ‘excellent’. I didn’t mention I had been doing some of my own exercises and had seen a private specialist physio as well but hey! I have ditched the aircast and I hope it gathers dust quickly in my cupboard (but the physio has asked for it if possible to lend to customers - don’t see why not!) and all I have is a small heal insert and a slight limp. Physio had me bending my leg towards a wall, using a theraband and doing calf stretches. All OK but it feels tight and I am nervous when pushing. He just said having some ‘good’ pain is OK but no more.

My physio also said I am on a 4 month programme for full fitness, so that would be 6 months in total which sounds about right. After being housebound for the last 2 months this feeling is soooo good.

For all you ATR sufferers I know its a cliche but it does get better. Oh and BTW for the people asking I haven’t used this Isokenetic Dynamometer yet. Apparently I may use it in my physio session next week.

All the best everyone!