So got out of bed this morning and thought I would give the Thomson test a go as I hadn’t done it for weeks. To my surprise I have a fair bit of movement on my injured leg/foot. Only a few weeks ago I had none at all. Does this mean things are going well - I can only assume yes!? Woo hoo.

In fact the only thing that is worrying me is my uninjured leg. Even before my ATR my tendon on my left leg was very sore so probably some sort of tendonitis - especially after exercise. I was always worried that was the one that was going to pop! Now after 6 weeks rest of no running or going to the gym it is still very sore, strangely not my tendon now but in my ankle so to speak - just below the tendon. It constantly aches. Any suggestions as to what this is and possible remedies? I am going to ask my physio if and when my surgeon clears me to go to one.

Thanks as always.