Well still stuck at home with this damn aircast boot. Am now riding my exercise bike everyday (which my kids seem to enjoy more than I do!) and doing upper body workouts. Just wondering if I should try a normal road bike and go for a cycle in the local area, or perhaps I should wait to see what the doctor orders. What do you think chaps? Weather getting colder here in the UK especially now we have moved back into GMT from BST so the urge to go running or cycling has somewhat diminished. Good really as I am impatient to get going ;)

The last couple of days I have been shuffling around at home barefoot. Apart from the odd twinge all seems OK. The area around the tendon isnt swollen although I reckon I have some fluid (is it called oedema?) sitting around the wound. I suspect the PT will work to get rid of that. Although I am now past week 5 post op and I haven’t seen a PT yet. Just dont know if I should book some private sessions….

Looking forward to seeing the surgeon on 11 Nov and praying he OKs ditching the boot. Bring on the gym then, oh and driving. Yeah baby!