So I am now walking around crutch free in my aircast boot. It feels great to be able to get around easily although I still miss driving and being able to get the kids from school. I am looking forward to handing the crutches back and never seeing them again - man I hate them!

Only issue now is that my good left leg is aching. All along, before my injury, I had what I thought was tendonitis in my left heel and was concerned that was going to be the one to rupture. I even went to a physio, had my running shoes re-checked by the store and all was confirmed to be OK. I guess being left footed its the stronger of the two but my right never ached or indictaed anything was wrong. Now, even though I am not running, my left achilles still aches and I wonder if its down the extra work its having to do! Has anyone got any tips?

To compound the issue I pulled a muscle in my left shoulder doing some weights at the weekend! Ah well got to get on with things.

I just want to go running again! My next half marathon I was in training for is this weekend :( I was hoping for a personal best in the 1hr30min range. Maybe next year?