So here I am 2 weeks and one day post surgery and I don’t really need the crutches anymore. I can FWB in the aircast boot and walk around OK. I have been into my local town and can walk for around a mile with no pain or aches - although I am a little slow :) I am also working out at home with weights for my upper body and press ups/sit ups to raise the heart rate. I am trying to do some calf and thigh lifts as well to get some muscle back in my right leg. All seems OK. Its amazing though how much atrophy has happened in just 2 weeks of not using the leg!

One thing I am thinking about though is I am not seeing my surgeon for another 5 1/2 weeks and last time we met he mentioned nothing about PT.  I have nothing booked with a pro just what I am doing at home and what I have picked up on this fantastic site. Do people recommend seeing a pro physio sooner rather than later even though I am doing what I can at home?

One other thing, I have 3 support heels in my aircast boot. My surgeon said take one out every 2 weeks. This seems a little conserative. As I can now walk without crutches and can put 100% of my weight on my bad leg in the aircast what are people’s thoughts?