So I went for my first visit to see the surgeon after my op on 18 September today. They took the cast off and I was amazed how little the scar was and the fact there was no swelling (you can compare the ankle in the photos attached). The surgeon then declared I am to move into a Aircast boot with 3 support heels (see photo) and to take one out every 2 weeks. He then stated I should go to full weight bearing immediately but still use crutches as it will be quite painful for a while. I can take the boot off whenever I like - especially when relaxing in front of the TV and excercise my tendon but not to bring the foot upwards too much - take it easy! I can also shower fully after the weekend but not have a bath until next week as the wound still needs some more time to completely heal.

I couldn’t really take all this in as I was expecting to be at least NWB for another 2 weeks and only then move onto PWB. I did ask what the catch was and he said nothing - just be careful. Because I had this new key hole technique the incision was only 1-2cm (see photo) and I could be more aggressive.

I am back in hospital in 6 weeks time for the final heel removal and checkup. I forgot to ask and he didn’t mention about physio so I guess it would be best to restrict myself to PWB/FWB and moving my ankle around although I did want to ask about cycling and forgot! I guess I should be able to do that in about 2 weeks or so.

All in all a good day - let’s hope this continues.

All the very best