4 Weeks Post Op

Had my 2nd doctors appointment yesterday and had my splint removed. Doctor put me in a boot with 1" wedges and is encouraging me to walk in it for an hour a day, but not for more than 10-20 minutes intervals. He recommended utilizing the crutches to gain confidence and adjust to the walking boot. I will be in the walking boot for two weeks and can take it off to sleep/shower. Slowly making progress. The next phase will come on Christmas Eve when they will transition me into a sneaker with a heel lift. Not sure of that next protocol if it will be PWB or FWB. I’m assuming PWB. PT will not commence until 10-12 week post op. The first day in the boot was a mental circus with several weird feelings in the boot; unbalanced, incision soreness, stretching of calf… . Any suggestions on how to slowly "walk" in this boot? Taking baby steps today from table to counter (6′ walk), but its challenging. I’m sure each day will progress where I wont need the crutches to assist with these interval walks per day. Hope all are recovering well in this recovery process.

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  1. Use the crutches to keep some weight off the foot and definitely take small steps! Take the smallest step you need to walk in the most normal way. It takes a while to get the flexibility back in the achilles and until then you’ll limp if your stride is too long. Focus on a normal gait and think about rolling the foot completely as you walk.

  2. Cserpent gives good advice here. Just use the crutches until you only need one, then none. You’ll be surprised how quickly your body adjusts. You’ll probably be able to ditch the crutches soon.

  3. Yeah, it seems like everyone starts using the crutches in the PWB stage but ends up ditching them fairly soon after. I probably used my mine more than most people because I really wanted my achilles ready for the FWB stage. You really will be amazed at how quickly you progress from here. Hang in there!

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