9 weeks post op update and interesting picture

Currently at 9 weeks post operation. I am a week away from being weened to a shoe according to my doctors protocol. Ive adjusted to walking in the boot and its actually really easy now. Ive also started to walk without the boot at home and it feels great. Although I feel I am ready my PT wont allow me to add 2 shoe exercises until after 10 weeks so until then I’m limited to the stationary bike and stretches.  On another note I randomly came across this picture just now..


And NO i didnt do a google search for women in bikinis with achilles boots on..lol

Walking in the boot

Hey fellow cripples

I had my 2nd post op follow up with my doctor yesterday and he cleared me to Full Weight Bear in my boot.  Ive tried to walk but it is very difficult, not painful just akward.  I know that it will take some pratice to get use to walking with it, but im curious if anyone has a technique that worked for them.


FWB Boot adjustment?

Hey Everyone,

What happens when the doctor clears you for FWB in the boot?  Does the boot get adjusted some how to allow for more ROM? I have the dj orthro air cask boot. I am scheduled to go to directly to FWB in my boot next week.  My doctor does not have anything in his protocol about PWB.  I just wondering what to expect.




First PT appointment!! and weak toes


I had my first PT appointment yesterday and I think it went pretty well.  The therapist massaged the tendon which felt great, she put some heat on it then used the ulta sound machine which also felt pretty good.  Next she had me flex my foot up and down and took some measurements after which she started to push my foot forward.  The pushing of the foot was pretty scary but it didnt hurt.  I did however feel what felt like some separation in my heal but still no pain.  She had me do a few exercises on my own(all of which i had already started thanks to the great info here)  gave me 10 minutes of electrotherapy/ice and send me home.  One thing that bothers me is that my toes are really weak.  I tried to do the move the towel on the floor thing and it wasnt happening.  Has anyone else had trouble with ROM in the toes? I cant bend my big toe at all..

How long until 90 degrees?

Good Morning All,

Hope everyones recovering well.  I am alittle over 3 weeks post op now I am in a boot but I am no where near 90 degrees.  I start pt on Monday and I am wondering how long it takes to get to that point.  Right now it seems like I will never get there.  Ive been doing toe circles and heel toe points. Any ideas for ROM exercises I can do this weekend?  Also should I be applying Ice to my ankle will that help loosen this thing up?


Scar bleeding alittle

Alittle over 2 weeks post op

I have been in my boot for a few days now and I am noticing that my scar is bleeding a bit.  This is only happening in some very small places where the scabs and dead skin is coming off. I have been puttin neosporin on it as well letting it air out at night.  I am a bit conserned as I dont want it to get infected.  Has anyone experienced this? should i go back to my doctor?

15 days post operation and I got my Boot!

Just came back from my first post op appointment.  They removed my stiches.. the wound looks good and no infection!!  Doctor confirmed that it looked good put me in a boot and gave me the ok to start pt on monday.  Still no wieght bearing though. The tendon is very stiff but my ROM seems good. It was very interesting to see how many people have this injury granted I live in NYC but there were 3 others in my doctors office with the same injury!  Im very excited to be starting the next stage of my healing.  Any suggestions for my first few days with the boot?

13 days post operation

Hey everyone I am new. I ruptured my achilles May 30 while playing bball  I have been reading alot of the posts for the last few days and they have been very helpful.  I am currently in a heavily padded splint.  I am having my stitches removed on Friday. achilles feels good however in the last few days i have been feeling a lot of tingling down there. No pain just tingling  is that normal?  I am hoping that my doctor puts me in a boot on friday

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