4.5 weeks post op

Well, at the 4 wk timepoint I couldn’t take the immobility anymore. I researched other doc’s recovery protocols that support early weight bearing and decided to go for it. I started partial weight bearing and then progressed to full weight bearing in wedged shoes (approximately 2in heel elevation). I have used pain and swelling as a guide. If it hurts I stop and if it swells, I ice and elevate. I’m feeling a bit guilty for not following my doctor’s orders of complete NWB for 6 wks. However, being able to walk without crutches is such a relief!! Every morning before I get out of bed, I stretch my hamstring and massage my calf and achilles to warm up before slipping into my shoes. I’m not in any pain in the shoes. When I stand flat footed on the floor, the achilles feels tight, so I have been only walking with the shoes on. I have a bit of a limp when I walk since my achilles feels tight at the end of my stride.

Has anyone else used this approach of going to wedged shoes at 4 weeks? (well, I guess only the women would have wedged shoes to wear.)

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