Apr 08 2014


Pure clean living sweet but sugar free - Part 2

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To accelerated and/or improve healing of the tendon I’ve been trying to keep on the healthy eating and clean pure living that I started on 3/17/2014. So it’s been about 22 days. My initial goal was:

  • zero caffeine
  • zero alcohol
  • zero or very low added refined sugar
  • zero cigars
  • Diet: Healthy eating, more vegetables, less quantity, less snacking, and supplements during the healing process in the form of: fresh fruit smoothies, multi vitamin, vitamin C, collagen heavy soups.

The scorecard:

  • caffeine: almost zero, but I consumed some ice tea lately.
  • alcohol: very low, two nights earlier in the week a half glass of wine + 1/4 diphenhydramine (benedrill) to help me fall asleep.
  • refined sugar: some due to a bit of processed food I consumed over the past week, but overall low, no candy, cakes, donuts, ice cream, nor any other sweet treat.
  • cigars: zero
  • Healthy eating: Yes, three meals per day but more controlled portions, plenty of fresh fruits, vegetables (mostly fresh-frozen variety), oat bran, whole grains. Some cheese omelets, but more egg whites than yolks, and less cheese and fat than prior to March 17, some fresh fish, and slightly better quality beef in the form of grass-fed. The wife made a giant batch of homemade chicken soup in week 1 post-op. I’ve slowly been consuming that as well to get additional collagen. In the past three days I’ve had a couple meals out at restaurants, so the quality of food degraded slightly.

The benefits or perceived benefits:

  • Significantly reduced bathroom visits and can “hold it” much longer than pre March 17.
  • Blood pressure: I still need to calibrate my new blood pressure gadget with the Doctor’s more accurate models, but it appears that I’ve gotten my blood pressure from what was high averaging around 145/100 down to 120/80. If that is true, I can drop the Losartan, a blood pressure medication I have been taking for years.
  • Weight: I’ve been extremely sedentary (which I obviously am changing now, and plan to change more in upcoming days and weeks) but have managed to lose about five-to-seven pounds.
  • Statins: I’ve been taking Simvastatin also for years, to improve my cholesterol numbers. The statin works great, with no perceived side effects for me. BUT recently I read some articles that seemed to indicate that statins could be bad for tendons. I need to get over to my primary care physician to have cholesterol levels checked, but for the moment I have taken myself off the Simvastatin…
  • …which means if I can remain off the Simvastatin than, other than aspirin to prevent blood clots from surgery, my prescription drugs will have been reduced to ZERO. That would be a good thing: less cost, less long term unexpected side effects.
  • Energy: I have the same energy level, but my constitution is more even now sans caffeine. On the other hand coffee is my all time favorite vice, so I doubt I will be able to permanently stick to no coffee. But for now it works, and I’ve forgotten to make or buy coffee so it’s all well and good and saving me some $$.
  • Tendons: ?  who knows, but I have been getting quite excellent reports from the surgeon on the incision, and he likes the way the leg looks.

later in day blood pressure update: I went to the surgeon today to get my sutures removed. while I was there I calibrated my $20 BP monitor against their $2000 variety. Turns out my monitor is reporting 5-to-10 units low :-|   Still not so bad considering, and may still mean I can go off the losartan. And now I just ran it and it’s reporting 120/70, which would be about 130/80, which is still significantly better that two months ago, or last year.

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  1. Roarkon 23 Apr 2014 at 1:36 pm 1

    I wish there was more about recovery nutrition online. I might add omega 3 and glucosamine to the supplement list. Keep in mind fruit has the same amount of sugar as all that other bad stuff. And I wouldn’t say caffeine is all bad. It is a diuretic, but also a stimulant and plain black coffee and tea have a lot of antioxidants that could be helpful. I’m excited to find some bone marrow and short rib at restaurants if I get to have a treat. Also, check your supplements for titanium dioxide, which is a carcinogen they use just to color pills white.

  2. goldmanon 23 Apr 2014 at 2:46 pm 2

    Hi Roark. I tried glucosamine ten or fifteen years ago, did not perceive much benefit. But who knows, maybe formulations are better now.

    I know fruit has a decent amount of sugar, but I believe it’s major difference is being bound up in the fiber and cellular structure of the fresh fruit. I don’t know enough about the science and chemistry to state unequivocally it is better, but I do know for me it is much better and a whole different model of eating or snacking. I am satisfied with two servings of fruit or smoothie at a time. I do not feel compelled to eat an entire bowl in one sitting. Compare this to say a bag of Oreo cookies where I could easily and often have consumed half or an entire bag, finding it difficult for my body signals to tell me when to stop.

    On caffeine– I am back on coffee now– drinking 1 1/2 cups per day.

    I too love the rib and marrow :-)

    Thanks for the input, and happy healing!


  3. Roarkon 29 Apr 2014 at 10:25 am 3

    Haha, yeah, definitely wouldn’t recommend a bag Oreos over some fruit.


  4. essay writeron 05 Apr 2019 at 7:11 am 4

    The same thing happens when you chew a lot a pack or two of sugar-free gum at once due to the sweetener being a sugar alcohol. It makes a wonderful laxative, and that is no joke.

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