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Standing on the shoulders of giants, or Jon’s ATR Resume

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Tonight I stumbled on jacksprat’s 2008 post, jacksprat atr-resume. Being a computer scientist I love stuff like this, the concept behind it, and see real potential for some neat data mining to help future ATR sufferers. Anyway, So I wanted to endeavor to reproduce it, or at least some of it (it’s pretty long so I probably won’t enter in all the data).

I will start off with these sections, and add more as time goes by:

PERSONAL INFO (at time of injury)

Sex - Male
Age - 52 years
Weight - 182 lbs
Condition - Low fitness
History - Years 2004 to 2014 somewhat low fitness due to child arriving on the scene, multiple job changes, cross-country move from New Mexico to Massachusetts, followed by several more moves, finally ending so to speak with ATR on Feb 23, 2014.
- Prior to 2004: basketball, running were primary athletics


Leg - Right
Type - ATR
When - 23 February 2014 time approx 11:30am EST
Activity - Basketball, pickup game

Response - helped off court; phone wife and friend

The following is what happened the first couple days of the incident

1) Sunday, day of accident: rode home with wife, and used a single crutch to hobble around that night

2) Monday: visit primary care Physician, who ordered X-Rays, and then arranged appointment with hospital facility to meet with Orthopedic specialists

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  1. essayduneon 28 Mar 2019 at 5:15 am 1

    Even if such access were available, I guarantee you your doctor would not spend the time sifting the reams of data for your one case. The data mining would only be good for spotting trends then setting those observations up for further study, a very time consuming process.

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