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Mar 31 2014

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Pure clean living sweet but sugar free

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Like others on this site I analyzed my habits pre-injury and post-injury and, at least while I am recovering and healing, but hopefully moving forward I endeavor to improve my diet.

Four vices that I really enjoy, but think contributed to the reasons I suffered an ATR:

a) Caffeine in the form of coffee

b) Alcohol in the form of beer, mostly but occassionly wines and spirits

c) Refined sugar in the form of processed food treats: candy, donuts, cakes, etc.

d) Tobacco - once or twice a month cigar.

The most noticeable beneficial outcome of reducing all these four to ZERO or near zero levels (refined sugar is VERY hard to cut out because almost all processed foods are made with it) is less visits to the bathroom to pee, which for me during recovery means less in-the-middle-of-the-night-groggy-navigating-prone-to-error-and-falling episodes. So while surely the reduced bathroom visits are mostly due to the elimination of caffeine and alcoholic products, I figure getting rid of refined sugar (completely unnecessary for normal healthy living and functioning) and the tobacco are helpful as well.

4/1 update on this topic: I was thinking about how variety is the spice of life. And everything in moderation yada yada. So I think what I am coming around to is merely replacing a percentage of my favorite vices with exercise. So I don’t want to rule them out completely forever, but simply that I was spending too little time exercising, stretching, relaxing, and paying attention to diet, and more time consuming the delicious junk because it made me happy, or so I thought. But I am pretty unhappy with the current state of affairs, looking at weeks and weeks of no driving, the cast, the boot, the rehab, etc. etc. So for me, I was out of balance.

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Mar 30 2014

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FennBall ATR timeline for first days leading to surgery

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Me Stats:
Male, age 52
Injury date&time: Feb 23, 2014, approx 11:30am
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