Half Marathon and Happy

Hi All, it has been quite awhile since I posted an update, and, just a few days shy of my 8 month post-ATR mark, now seems like an appropriate time.  The past couple months since my last post I have had ups and downs trying to get back to my sport of distance running.  Some weeks were good and pain free, some I struggled physically and emotionally, wondering why I would feel great after one run, and can barely go a mile the next week.  After awhile I learned to take what my leg gave me, never too push to far, but also to make sure to keep active as possible in terms of PT and other exercises when I could not run.  With that being said, I completed my goal this past weekend of running the Philly Half Marathon.  It was something I signed up for the day after my ATR, as a goal to reach at 8 months, and one I thought could be realistic.  At times over the past couple months I had a lot of doubt whether or not I will be able to run it, or if it was a good idea to even bother doing so at this stage.  The week prior, I said to myself that I will attempt it, and try to cross the finish line.  If it took me 3 hours fine.  If I was struggling and had AT pain I would stop.  But, I owed it to myself with all the work put in to at least try.  I ended up, on a picture perfect day, exceeding my expectations and my family/friends as well.  I finished the race in under 2 hours, 1:54 to be exact, at a 8:42 pace.  My slowest race I have ever done by about 10 minutes, but time was really irrelevant.  It was really just a 13.1 mile celebration of how far I have come, and how much I appreciated being out there.  For those behind me, its a long haul and there are always going to be good weeks and bad weeks, but with hard work we all will be back to normal at some point.  I still have some ways to go, and I hope by my 1 year mark next March, I can say I am 100%, and ready for the Spring racing season, putting this ATR ordeal behind me for good.  Happy Healing!

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  1. Wow - great pace!!! I know it wasn’t a PR for you but still rather impressive. Most people without an ATR injury couldn’t do it in that time. Congratulations on getting back out there. I’m still not sure of how far I want to do but you give me hope!

  2. Another well done. Unless you have been a distance runner it is difficult to understand the amount of effort that goes into training. Your time is more than respectable consdering the huge layoff which basically means you started your half marathon training from zero in the tank plus an injury rehab. Big effort for 8 months.

  3. Thanks to you both! It does give me confidence going into Spring that I was able to accomplish this doing an injury rehab rather than a normal training regimen. And, with some dedication and perseverance anyone can do a race like this, which is why it is one of my favorite lengths!

  4. Don’t care about the time, you should be happy and proud that you’ve been able to get back to what you love. Having said that, your time is probably out of reach for me pre-ATR, so impressive in that sense. I know that for me, the day that I’m able to confidently again drop under a heavy snatch or clean, it will be a tremendous joy, regardless of whether that will be 20-30% below my pre-ATR max…

  5. Very impressive, well done!

  6. Congrats!! as gravity said, don’t care too much about the time, and in any case, below 2h is quite good considering the probable lack of endurance training. I am hoping to be able to complete a short distance triathlon in October (1y post ATR). fingers crossed!

  7. That is awesome!! Well done!

  8. What a wonderful way to celebrate your recovery, it sounds like the ultimate personal best to me. All the best to you for your next race!

  9. Congratulations on posting that first half-marathon post-ATR! That has to feel really good at this point. And it just gets better from here! I’m 13 months post-surgery now and have experienced big gains in running strength and speed these past four months. Everything is much more consistent and predictable. Judging from where you’re at now, at 8 months, I expect you’ll really be tearing it up by the time a year rolls around. Wishing you all the best.

  10. Thanks again everyone, i will continue to update progress as I continue to my 1 year mark

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