Past the 12 week mark, cleared to do limited running!

After a long 3 months of ups and downs, milestones, and minor setbacks, I finally heard the words out of my doctor I have been waiting to hear since I first suffered my ATR; that I can begin light running, mixed with walking, and take it as tolerated on flat surfaces of course.  5 min, followed by walking, wash, rinse, repeat, and begin to pick it up as tolerated.  I do not see him for 6 weeks now and at that point he hoped to clear me for full activity, which would be 4.5 months out from injury.  This appt was preceded by PT last night, which was my first attempt at tredmill use to date.  I was very hesitant at first, especially after last week when I was so sore/a bit swollen from an hour of a stationary bike and elliptical, that I could not do anything but get stretched an iced the previous session.  This past weekend, I swam Sat, did 45 min on the elliptical Sun (and Fri night went to a concert moving quite a bit sans boot, it if offically retired) and was a bit sore yesterday morning, but nothing like the prior week.  Back to the tredmill, he had me walk for 2 min, then he put the speed up to 5.0, or a light run speed.  I kept my hands on the handles as first, then he promised I could let go and nothing will “pop.”  I put my trust in him and “ran” for 3 min, which was the most uplifting feeling that my calf was able to do that, but also comical at how poor my running form was.  It looked like I’ve never done this before.  After that, I did light plyometrics, iced and called it a day.  I expected to be sore this morning, but aside from the usual aches and pains, nothing noteworthy.

So, I am OK with where I am now, aside from particpating in my sport, I am back to a functional life otherwise.  Now I have the agreement between my doctor and PT that I can take those first steps toward my return to running.  The fear of reinjury is constant, and I am going to try and find that walk/run balance that is safe, yet effective.  The doctor today said if I am lightly running on a flat surface my re-rupture chances are less than 1%.  Now, based on some of the stories I have on others healing, that percentage may be a bit higher as I enter my 13th week, and I am trying to be very aware of that as I try to reintroduce myself to my sport.  For those behind me, that 12 week mark is a great relief to get to, and within a week or two of that mark, I hope many will have life return somewhat to normal, w/o the return to full sports of course.  From NWB, to PWB, to FWB. in a boot, to a heavy limp in 2 shoes, it sure feels good to put that behind me.  Looking forward to how I respond to the next few weeks of increased activity.  Happy Healing everybody   

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  1. I am in my 13th week. First week out of the boot (3 weeks NWB, 9 weeks in boot).

    gocanes13, I appreciate your words: ” From NWB, to PWB, to FWB. in a boot, to a heavy limp in 2 shoes, it sure feels good to put that behind me. Looking forward to how I respond to the next few weeks of increased activity. Happy Healing everybody”

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