FWB on wk4 post op

Hi ATR family,

My Goal is FWB on week 4 post op.. Just wanna ask if this is safe? As my job needs driving around and a bit physical.. I don’t have any sick leave left..:(

thanks in advance.

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  1. My doctor had me starting PWB at week 4 as tolerated in boot- 2 crutches (50% weight) and then 1 crutch (75%). I have been able to move from 2 crutches to 1 crutch in just a few days with no pain. I have tried FWB at week 5 and while I can do it- I am just trying to stay within her orders until I see her on week 6 and she removes a wedge and I guess we will discuss FWB at that time. I also start PT on 4/10. I think the key is to listen to your body and listen to your doctor.

  2. Thanks for the info Lindaf..wow! 2 to 1 crutch in few days? Great!
    My Doctor in public hospital was very busy . He was there but he just give instruction to his nurse and went to other patient. And the nurse just told me to comeback after 2 weeks.Okay I think its better to wait a bit as i cant afford to go back to zero again. Im at Day16 post op now.

    Cheers! :)

  3. Glen I can share that at week 4 it is very possible you will be FWB, and I hope that for you. It does put you in the next phase and it’s nice to get some mobility back….however, it is my observation that some people think they will be fully mobile when FWB early on….I can say you won’t be. You will still fatigue easily. FWB is not easy at first, there is often swelling and some pain at the incision if surgical and at the tendon itself where it is repairing. Staying on your feet or lots of walking is not easy and not recommended. You also risk a lot moving around at that stage as re-ruptures, though not as common ,DO OCCUR while wearing the boot. Read up on how tendon’s heal…4 weeks is way too early for physical work or lots of driving…Docs/PT give you clearance to drive when you have full range of motion back and enough strength to do an emergency stop and it is my opinion that those who drive without those conditions being met are putting themselves and others at risk. I find it selfish at the very least. I’ve seen the excuse “I have no choice” and I don’t buy that, we always have choice…to me “I have no choice” often means I’m not willing to be inconvenienced or think outside the box, or ask for help. That’s my opinion.

  4. Driving is OK if it is your left foot injured and you have an auto. Not sure which one is injured in this case. If it is the right foot then I am with Donna. Also FWB by 4 weeks is very doable but you are going to feel it after a full days work if your job requires you to be on the move a lot. A compression sock for the swelling and keep off any anti-inflam meds (NSAID’s). Be careful about the pain meds you take if you drive as well. 2 x 500mg paracetamol religously every 6 hours is one of the best methods of controlling pain and it is cheap over the counter. Taken as prescribed and no more will help.

  5. Thanks Donna & Stuart :)
    It’s my Right foot.. Based on your experience or knowledge how many weeks until i can use my foot for driving again?.. :( .. Also i read an article that technique called Augmented Krackow repairs appear the only method in that study to be able to withstand early range of motion and weight bearing . I hope my OS used the same..

  6. My Doc said I could drive once I was in 2 shoes. Modern cars (those in good order) should not need a great deal of force to stop in an emergency. It is only our brain that does it. When I started to drive again I made sure to increase the distance I followed other vehicles. 4 to 5 seconds behind is a good option and would allow an even brake pressure. You cannot take into account every situation but you will find a new hightened awareness of your surrounding when you head out into the world of 2 shoes. Some people have bought a device to convert to a left foot operation. This may work OK and is made for disabled people but usually you are tested on your ability and without authorisation you could be at risk. The Krackow suture is well known and commonly used but I really don’t think it matters as much as you have said considering those going non op are doing the same stuff at the same stage.

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