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Hi Friends,

I’m  Happy with my recovery so far. I tried to massage and press hard the ATR’d  part and i didn’t  feel any pain i think my AT is fully healed. Can do heel lift with more or less (30 kilogram) on Bad foot.  My ROM is pretty good but my dorsiflexion is still just a little past neutral.

My question is - Since there is no swelling and no pain,  Is it okay  to start a bit harder on Dorsiflex stretching? Is the Healing long issue still need to worry even if the ATR’d part is already healed or almost healed?

7 weeks 4 days photo:

Thank You in Advance and Happy Healing to all..

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  1. Personally I feel you are doing really well and there is no need to push it any harder just now. I know my physio would not have you trying hard for greater ROM at 7 weeks because she was concerned about healing long but maybe these are questions for your own physio or doc.

  2. Hello , thanks Stuart , my first physio sched will be next week.. But I need to go back to work on Monday which is more on driving and a bit physical. I am only doing my own therapy referenced to the blogs ahead of me and my friend google. I’m thinking to wait maybe till week 12 and go for hard stretching. And just work slow and take it easy not to stretch my foot hard at work.

    Hope all is well..

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