6 weeks and 1 day post surgery

Hi All,

I’m officially ditched my Equalizer walking boot today,  ROM is pretty good can do abc’s  and big circle without pain and no swelling. Plantar flxeion is the same as uninjured foot but the dorseflexion is just a little bit more than nuetral.  My question is -What is the best exercise for dorseflexion?

thanks in advance.

Happy Healing to all..

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  1. Hey Glen I can only every share my own experience. Two shoes at 6 weeks It is on the aggressive side of the protocols and lots of people do it successfully, however, for myself I would transition incrementally to two shoes…some boot, some two shoes. To walk you need dorsiflextion (its part of push off, foot bends past neutral to move the force of the calf, you also need strong enough calf for push off)…I got mine back to “normal” by walking incrementally in two shoes and then resting in the boot off and on as needed (in between week 7/8 in two shoes part time, mostly in the house and by week 10 didn’t need the boot as much started going outdoors in two shoes, but wore it for safety or to rest until week 15). I see lots of bloggers “ditch” the boot and if that works I’m all for supporting you and I understand how badly we want out of the boot. As I said, it can and has been done successfully. For me, I saw the boot as my friend and used it to get to waking normally with good mechanics. I think because I had good gait training right off the bat, my PT would not LET me limp, she’d make me put the boot on instead (our rule was fatigue feeling and or limp meant end of two shoes for the day and into the boot)… because of the “incremental transition from boot to shoes” that we made I never developed a limp, never…though lots do and my the dorsiflexion I needed to walk came easily over time.

  2. Thanks Kristian and Donna.. I’m worried in healing short..

  3. You mean healing long?

    Worry about something that is most likely NOT going to happen is silly…silly. Chin up now…enjoy all of your progress…you’ll find over the next few weeks all that early worry will start to fade away as you make amazing strides moving forward!

  4. Glenskius, FWIW, my doc said he’s never seen an issue with a surgically repaired tendon healing short.

    I am day 45 post-op, two wedges in a plastic boot FWB, and my tendon feels tight as a drum. I had the same concern as yours, but was reassured that it’s just a matter of time and proper PT.

    Good luck!

  5. Hi Donna and Cpo thank you for your kind responce. I’ll see in a few more weeks..

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