9 weeks post op update - Back to safety shoes

May 21, 2015

Hi Guys, Just an update. Thank God.  I’m back to work and using my safety shoes since Monday (4 days ago)without any issue. Went on my first Physio 2 days ago and measure my dorsiflexion and it’s 10 deg less than my good foot. Also started 2 heel lift exercise 12x twice a day , stretching and theraband. Walking and standing all day at work with a pain on heel and little swelling at the end of the day - I think it’s normal. Can drive without any problem. I’m still limping when walking fast due to no enough dorsiflexion.

Good luck and Wishing for a smooth recovery to all of us :) God Bless

question on Dorsiflexion

May 10, 2015

Hi Friends,

I’m  Happy with my recovery so far. I tried to massage and press hard the ATR’d  part and i didn’t  feel any pain i think my AT is fully healed. Can do heel lift with more or less (30 kilogram) on Bad foot.  My ROM is pretty good but my dorsiflexion is still just a little past neutral.

My question is - Since there is no swelling and no pain,  Is it okay  to start a bit harder on Dorsiflex stretching? Is the Healing long issue still need to worry even if the ATR’d part is already healed or almost healed?

7 weeks 4 days photo:

Thank You in Advance and Happy Healing to all..

6 weeks and 1 day post surgery

May 1, 2015

Hi All,

I’m officially ditched my Equalizer walking boot today,  ROM is pretty good can do abc’s  and big circle without pain and no swelling. Plantar flxeion is the same as uninjured foot but the dorseflexion is just a little bit more than nuetral.  My question is -What is the best exercise for dorseflexion?

thanks in advance.

Happy Healing to all..