5 weeks & 2 days

Hi all, Just an update i can walk in 2 shoes inside the house now but still using the  ossur walking boot all the time for  safety. I always walk as much as i can on walking boot using compression socks(500 steps 2x today), Dyna band and ROM as much as i can. Thank God I found this site If not, I am still in cast up to week 6.

this is how i walk in shoe  - youtube link : https://youtu.be/QnGEmHAdZds

happy healing to all :)

3 Responses to “5 weeks & 2 days”

  1. You’re incision looks great for 37 days! YAY you!

  2. Thanks Donna ,I apply Vit E twice a day and always RICE and gently massage around it. :)

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