12 weeks and 5 days update - Back to basketball court

June 16, 2015

Good Day to all..I was with my son at basketball court 2 days ago and do some soft jump shot and no problem. I feel that my injured tendon now is strong.  Just a little bit stiff on dorsiflexion  just need to continue stretching.  Can use the stair now going up and down.  And everyday is getting better.

Here’s the link on some of my exercise now and also my incision.


Happy Healing to all. There is a light at the end of the tunnel…

9 weeks post op update - Back to safety shoes

May 21, 2015

Hi Guys, Just an update. Thank God.  I’m back to work and using my safety shoes since Monday (4 days ago)without any issue. Went on my first Physio 2 days ago and measure my dorsiflexion and it’s 10 deg less than my good foot. Also started 2 heel lift exercise 12x twice a day , stretching and theraband. Walking and standing all day at work with a pain on heel and little swelling at the end of the day - I think it’s normal. Can drive without any problem. I’m still limping when walking fast due to no enough dorsiflexion.

Good luck and Wishing for a smooth recovery to all of us :) God Bless

question on Dorsiflexion

May 10, 2015

Hi Friends,

I’m  Happy with my recovery so far. I tried to massage and press hard the ATR’d  part and i didn’t  feel any pain i think my AT is fully healed. Can do heel lift with more or less (30 kilogram) on Bad foot.  My ROM is pretty good but my dorsiflexion is still just a little past neutral.

My question is - Since there is no swelling and no pain,  Is it okay  to start a bit harder on Dorsiflex stretching? Is the Healing long issue still need to worry even if the ATR’d part is already healed or almost healed?

7 weeks 4 days photo:

Thank You in Advance and Happy Healing to all..

6 weeks and 1 day post surgery

May 1, 2015

Hi All,

I’m officially ditched my Equalizer walking boot today,  ROM is pretty good can do abc’s  and big circle without pain and no swelling. Plantar flxeion is the same as uninjured foot but the dorseflexion is just a little bit more than nuetral.  My question is -What is the best exercise for dorseflexion?

thanks in advance.

Happy Healing to all..

Topic about Achilles’ tendon / tendon

April 26, 2015

Hi Guys i founf this on youtube ..Very informative

copy and paste the link below:



5 weeks & 2 days

April 25, 2015

Hi all, Just an update i can walk in 2 shoes inside the house now but still using the  ossur walking boot all the time for  safety. I always walk as much as i can on walking boot using compression socks(500 steps 2x today), Dyna band and ROM as much as i can. Thank God I found this site If not, I am still in cast up to week 6.

this is how i walk in shoe  - youtube link : https://youtu.be/QnGEmHAdZds

happy healing to all :)

31 Days post op update

April 19, 2015

First of all I wanna say Thank You everyone, especially to the owner of this site.  Today is my first time since injury to go  out with my family and walk around the Shopping mall.

Here’s the recap of my injury.

Date of Injury: March 7, 2015

Was Misdiagnosed by my GP and told me that nothing to worry about and its just a sprained ankle. I told him that i felt someone hit the back of my knee really hard but he said that maybe comeback after 2 days and he will have a look again. So within  2 days tried  to walk PWB  and  started to feel the pain and swelling.

March 9, 2015

- comeback to my GP and insist for ultrasound that day. (Need referral )

March 12, 2015

- Ultrasound result confirmed a full rupture. GP advise me to go to hospital emergency dept with endorsement letter.- Checked by Doc using Thompson test method and booked me 1 to 2 week for surgery. ( waiting game huh) they said its not traumatic so I’m on the waiting list.

March 19, 2015 -( surgery Day 8:30am) Out the same day 11am with cast and toes pointed down. The Surgeon told me that ill be in cast for 4-6 weeks.

April 2, 2015.  - 1st post op appointment - this time a different doctor  attending on the outpatient department (not the surgeon who cut my foot). The nurse removed my cast and suture the incision looks fine.  This time i brought my Walking boot with me and insisted to them that i want to use my walkig boot. The nurse told me that the doctor is ok considering that i should be NWB for 2 weeks. (Gone home on Walking Boot with 3 wedges)

Because i don’t know  whats their protocol and wasn’t able to speak to doctor properly. his too busy for other patient (public hospital) and the  nurse advised me to comeback again after 2 weeks. I decided to follow one of the protocol on the main page with early WB And by reading  others story. (Was PWB since April 2, 2015).

April 16, 2015 -  2nd Post op appointment . Different Doc again (this is the 3rd doc). He just  Advised me to PWB  (Lol ) . Funny! I was FWB 2 days ago :)

now i am very happy on walking boot with one wedge and planning to fully flat after 2-4 days.

Happy Healing to all :)

(For me the first week was very depressing, Just stay Focus one day at a time)