Long overdue update, second surgery

I haven’t posted in a while.  I guess I’m nearly 17 months post op now.  How time flies eh? (Kidding. I know it doesn’t at all)  Had some complications that you may read about in my previous posts, nothing major with the achilles but another diagnosis.  I still have some strength deficits and asymmetry in my muscle definition which is very slow to return, but I am happy to say that I really don’t even notice my achilles anymore.  My rehab was greatly affected by debilitating pain originating from my lumbar spine.  I am still not clear on how the injury occurred but it was likely something I did at the gym with poor mechanics, my own fault.  I had stated that I couldn’t afford to have surgery if it was indicated for my back pain but guess what…

I ended up having a lumbar microdiscectomy in September of 2012 after dealing with excrutiating radicular pain that was affecting me on many many levels.  Couldn’t focus on my achilles rehab, couldn’t sit for longer than a minute without terrible pain, was making me extremely depressed, the list goes on.  So I opted for surgery.

With my background (again you can read previous posts if you’d like) I was the last person in the world who wanted to have spine surgery, believe me.  My overall impression however is that I am happy with the result.  I still struggle with occasional nagging pain but have returned to a largely normal routine.  I have recently passed my national boards for physical therapy and will soon be in practice.

2012 was a terrible year for me personally.  One of the saving graces however in the early stages of my ATR rehab was this blog.  I want to thank all of you for reading and also for creating your own blogs.  Having a strong support system is crucial because we all know how this injury plays with your head for us active folks.  I don’t imagine that I’ll create any new posts from here but will keep everything active just in case :)  I am happy to provide support/advice for anyone in need so don’t be afraid to contact me.

Best of luck to you all in your recovery,



#1 kellygirl on 08.07.13 at 10:54 am

Congrats on passing your boards! Sounds like you have been through a lot this past year plus and are doing well now. I especially like the part where you say you don’t even notice your achilles anymore–hope the same thing applies to your back soon too. Thanks for the update and good luck!

#2 normofthenorth on 08.08.13 at 1:53 pm

Good luck with all of it. I’ve read that lots of back-surgery patients are disappointed; hope you stay pleased with your results.

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