Strides (10.5 weeks post op)

Built up to about 6 miles walking today.   2 on the treadmill in the a.m. and finally got enough guts to try the trail for 4 miles this afternoon.  Removed part of the heel lift last week so I’m now down to only 1/4″.

Only had 2 formal therapy sessions to this point.  Essentially it was one for the achilles and one for my back.  No imaging done on the back, can’t afford it and I wouldn’t have surgery anyway so there’s no point in that, but it does look to be a disc injury based on clinical findings.  Feels best when I walk but hinders the rest of my workout regimen so I guess I’ll just keep walking, and walking, and walking.  Good for the achilles and the back so might as well.

Between the two diagnoses, I think I spend about 4-5 hours per day doing my various exercises.  Clinicals start in two weeks and it looks like I’ll have full clearance from the doc just in time.  Just gotta keep up the hard work.

Hope you’re all doing well,


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#1 ericbabula on 06.05.12 at 7:05 am

Awesome, Greg! Keep up the hard work. You’re in kind of a crummy situation with your insurance, but it looks like you’re making the most of it, and doing a good job of rahabbing on your own! Keep going - you’re doing great!

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