First (and last?) PT Session

I had my first PT appointment yesterday at my former employer’s facility.  I still have a lot of great friends there and there is not another clinic I would choose to go to as a patient. The therapist I am working with is very kind and offered to work with me in any way possible because I’m only allowed about 3 visits of therapy with my awesome insurance.  If there’s anybody that appreciates the value of physical therapy and would be willing to pay out of pocket, it’s me.  Problem is, I’m a graduate student and I have empty pockets.  Anyway, the powers that be would not allow the arrangement we made.  I’m going to attempt to apply for financial assistance but somehow I doubt that will work.  If it doesn’t, I get 3 visits of PT to recover from this (one already in the books).  I’m confident I can do most of the rehab on my own but it would have been nice to have the professional guidance of an experienced PT and the equipment they have in the clinic.  My frustration continues with this miserable situation and I still struggle to find the positives.  My sciatica has become quite severe but I have recently started exercises to alleviate that as well.  Hope they work at least a little so I can focus on the Achilles.  If you’re reading this, and you don’t hate your therapist, please thank them during your next session.  There’s a reason that I chose to enter the field and it’s because the vast majority of these people genuinely care about their patients.  Sometimes they’ll even work for free…

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#1 Michael on 05.15.12 at 9:20 am

Having good PT is something that is ease to take for granted. I have had both and it really makes a difference. Ask lots of questions and don’t leave until they are all answered. I write mine down in my phone so I can remember them when I’m in front the the therapist.

Good luck with the recovery.

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