Week 11 Update

Today I had my 3rd check up with my ortho, and he gave me the ok to start putting more weight onto my injured leg and transition out of my crutches. The wound is healing and I discussed with him my concerns which I had over  the last two weeks.
Since the removal of my cast, [...]

Week 9 update

So now it has been 9 weeks post op. Last week my hard cast was removed and the surgeon recommended PT right away.
So far I’ve attended 2 PT sessions, which the therapist is taking it very slowly, with ROM exercises. Besides the Atrophy of my right calf, the tendon is very stiff. I cannot do [...]

Scare moment

Today as I was crutching around the house, when I lost my balance (due to one crutch got stuck at a wall corner). As I reflex and to prevent from falling, I stepped hard on my injured leg, which this week I started PWB. The scab on my healing wound opened and blood gushed out. [...]

Week 6 & 1st follow up visit

Today was my first appointment (week 6 post op NWB) with my ortho surgeon. At first the consultation went well, he explained that I will go straight to PWB (with crutches) for the first week or so, no boots, just plain foot. Also, that PT to start right away and even scheduled my first session [...]

Week 4 post-op

Well it’s been 1 month since my AT surgery, and looking back I can’t believe a month has already passed.
My current status is that I’m still in the hard cast NWB, my first Doctor’s appointment is for 10/2 (seems so far away). These past 2 weeks I’m sort of getting myself into some sort of [...]

Post Op Pain

I’m now 16 days post op, and last night I had the most uncomfortable pain thus far. It felt like a burning and like electric current running through the back of my heal up my tendon. It felt uncomfortable and even though I was my leg raised, the swelling didn’t go away.
I was surprised, since [...]

Recovering Achilles Surgery

Hi all,
Two weeks ago I ruptured the Achilles’ tendon on my right foot playing tennis. The next ┬áday on the 15th of August, I was scheduled for repair operation. The operation went well, and according t my orthopedic surgeon, the tore was very close to the bone, as well as a small part of the [...]

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