Week 11 Update

Today I had my 3rd check up with my ortho, and he gave me the ok to start putting more weight onto my injured leg and transition out of my crutches. The wound is healing and I discussed with him my concerns which I had over  the last two weeks.

Since the removal of my cast, the therapy sessions (4 thus far) have been small ROM exercises. I was not able to put my injured foot on the neutral position. Again I was a bit hesitant (and scared) to do harder exercises.

Well after my check up with the ortho and his assurance for me to put more weight on my leg, I had my 5th PT session (PT in the same building). Last week my therapist explained to me that I have to start with stretching the tendon to at least the neutral position.

During today’s PT session, and after my ortho’s comments, my therapist had me do tendon stretching exercises, and exercises to gradually have my body weight on the injured leg. Well, the exercises were kind of painful (but bearable) and I was astonished on the feeling of having the body weight on my leg. And how weak my right leg has become.

all in all, I am now able to put my foot on the neutral position. Today’s exercises helped in loosen up the tendon a bit, so finally I am able to put my foot flat on the floor. That’s a great feeling for me, after a long time. A small but important step/ progress ¬†forward, this cheered me up today, especially after the last two weeks of little progress.

the therapist recommended for me to keep doing the exercises at home to keep up the progress. Progress, It feels good :-)

2 Responses to “Week 11 Update”

  1. 11 weeks is a very long time to be on crutches. Are you using a walking boot now or just shoes? Either way, walking is going to feel pretty weird at first.

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