Week 9 update

So now it has been 9 weeks post op. Last week my hard cast was removed and the surgeon recommended PT right away.

So far I’ve attended 2 PT sessions, which the therapist is taking it very slowly, with ROM exercises. Besides the Atrophy of my right calf, the tendon is very stiff. I cannot do dorsiflexion at all, but I do have some Plantar flexion.

I would like to hear from you guys, how your regaining dorsiflexion/ flexion experience were? How long it took? Any pain experienced?

I’ve taken it a bit slower than usual, as I’ve noticed that my wound was not healing fast enough and getting a bit bigger around the edges, which was due to the movements exercises, which stretches the skin around the wound on the back of my heal. Luckaly it is now “drying up”/ closing. Once fully closed I will amp up the PT exercises (as indicated and listening to my body).

Today, for the first time since removing the cast, I’ve been experiences swelling of my foot, and feels warmer and gets a bit red (like blood gushing in) than my good foot. This is when I stand for a few minutes on crutches, but it goes away when I elevate my foot. Has anyone experienced this?

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  1. Your cast was probably squeezing your foot so it couldn’t swell up. For a couple weeks post-op after my soft cast was removed I had the blood rushing into my foot sensation whenever I got up and my foot would swell up quite a bit if I was up for an extended period. I started wearing an ankle length tight sock and that eliminated the swelling from my foot although it still swelled up above the top of the sock. I understand there is such a thing as a “compression sock” specifically designed to prevent swelling.

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