Scare moment

Today as I was crutching around the house, when I lost my balance (due to one crutch got stuck at a wall corner). As I reflex and to prevent from falling, I stepped hard on my injured leg, which this week I started PWB. The scab on my healing wound opened and blood gushed out. I was scared and my main concern is re-rupture.
Right know wound has been dressed, the foot elevated, some swelling.
I’ve touched the tendon area and seems ok hard and I still have the partial movements I started to regain this week. Tomorrow will be my first PT sessions, hope then I will also check with my surgeon to check.

2 Responses to “Scare moment”

  1. I fell on my crutches once and hubby banned me from using them - LOL! Fortunately I had a knee scooter and I got quite adept at taking it up/down the stairs. Hopefully you didn’t rerupture!

  2. Ouch cserpent sorry for your fall.
    For me I haven’t been able to get a hold my surgeon, but I do believe I have not re-rupture. Mainly because, I don’t have pain (except the re-opened wound), no swelling, the tendon area feels hard when I touch and I have partial ROM.

    I even went to my first PT session last Friday (after my fall), I trained some minor ROM movement exercises, which I can also do home.

    The PT scheduled me for 2 sessions a week, with the first sessions being ROM exercises (assisted and unassisted), gradually moving to strength exercises.

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