Week 6 & 1st follow up visit

Today was my first appointment (week 6 post op NWB) with my ortho surgeon. At first the consultation went well, he explained that I will go straight to PWB (with crutches) for the first week or so, no boots, just plain foot. Also, that PT to start right away and even scheduled my first session the following day. I was soo excited at this news, until we proceeded to remove the cast and the stitches.

The wound incision healed well, no signs of infection, the tendon attachment seems that went well. However, there was a problem where the head of the screw, he used to put back the piece of calcaneal bone back together, came out through the skin of my heal.

He sends me to the hospital’s cast division (hospital is just less than 5 minutes drive), where he will have to remove the screw, otherwise the wound the screw made, won’t heal which could lead to an infection and other complications.

The screw was removed using a surgical screwdriver. The wound bled a bit, then it was cleaned up and dressed with antibiotics coated wound dressing.

Because of this unwanted development, he orders for my leg to be put in a half plaster cast for 1 week (NWB), as a precaution and to allow the wound to heal.

Next Monday I will have my 2nd follow up visit to remove the cast/check the wound, and hopefully all will go well, so that I can start with PT as originally discusssed.

I feel a bit down for this setback as I was really looking forward to start PT and PWB. Now I have to wait for another week, and my PT sessions postponed until I get the ok again.

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  1. I’m currently at week 4 (non surgical) after injury and life is definitely a lot harder.
    I’m sure that once this is all over for you, you will look back and take pride in how much strength you showed during this painful time.
    Keep your head up, you are not too far away!

  2. Thanks mattypicks for your words of encouragement!!

    It gets a bit better with every day that passes, and looking forward to regaining my regular routine asap.

    I wish you a good healing on your recovery period, hang in there, and each step brings us closer to put this injury behind.

  3. How did the 2nd follow up go with the specialist?
    Hope all went well.

  4. Hey matt.
    Today’s 2nd follow up went well, the doc removed the cast and the wound is healing nice, though it hurts a bit. I still however must use crutches for support and limited PBW.
    This week will be my first scheduled PT sessions.

    The atrophy on my right calf is noticeable, and lack of range of motion. It felt good my right foot touching the ground, but I really need the PT to regain ROM, and strength.

  5. That’s great to hear the cast has been removed.
    Hopefully it doesn’t take too long for you to be FWB.

    I’ve taken my foot out of the boot a couple of times now and the calf muscle has completely disappeared for me. I compare left to right and I am astonished how much muscle is lost. I’ve got about 2 and a half more weeks before I see the specialist and hopefully the boot comes completely off.

  6. I too was astonished on the amount of muscle loss (after 7 weeks cast NWB) and the insane amount of dead skin, I’ve been removing.

    I’ve been doing some very minor ROM movement on my foot, and today I’m noticing a bit of an improvement on my foot’s ROM.

    Two n a half week will pass in a flash you’ll see, wish you a good recovery and hopefully your specialist will give you the ok for your boot to come off.

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