Week 4 post-op

Well it’s been 1 month since my AT surgery, and looking back I can’t believe a month has already passed.
My current status is that I’m still in the hard cast NWB, my first Doctor’s appointment is for 10/2 (seems so far away). These past 2 weeks I’m sort of getting myself into some sort of at home routine (lots of reading, movies, TV) and crutching around the house.
I eased off the pain releave I was prescribed (diclofenac sodium) mostly because of the side effects I’ve read. Now here and there I’m just taking Advil. Also, This week was the last dose of the daily injections of blood thinners (to prevent cloth).
What I’ve noticed is that this past week, I’ve feeling like “current” going through my heal area, and feels a bit like a burning/tingling sensation and swelling, but it goes away as soon as I keep leg elevated and no movement for a few minutes. I was a bit worried if it might be some signs of infection (which is my main concern atm). Especially, while in this hard cast I cannot inspect the wound. I don’t feel the rushing of fluids down my leg everytime I put my leg down, as it did in the first 2 weeks post op, ┬ábut the swelling still persist, especially at night time.

Overall I keep a positive attitude, and thinking on the things I’ve taken for granted like; Walking, driving, being independent, and yes working (I get full paid leave during my recovery at home). Looking forward for when the cast comes off, but wondering what would be next. We’ll see.

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  1. How long are you off work? I didn’t know what to expect as far as recovery so expected to be back in 3 days. I went back 1/2 time after a week off. It sucked!!

    You are already 4 weeks NWB and 2+ more to see the doc? They aren’t doing weekly angle adjustments?

    I did have a similar burning/tingling sensation while in the cast (weeks 2-4). I tried icing then (putting ice in a bag and laying it over my foot/ankle) but it wasn’t very successful.

    However, I’ve slept with my ankle elevated above my heart the entire 11 weeks since my rupture and have minimal issues with swelling. That and ice have been my best friend though.

    I had 2 weeks of splints (partial plaster wrapped with ace bandages) so I could ice & compensate for swelling. I had 2 weeks of fiberglass casts. Then 4 weeks of a walking boot…so I could take it off and ice at night.

    I hope you find relief.

  2. Hi Susan,
    Thanks for your message. I will be off work for about a month and a half or so.

    I had the partial plaster during the first 3 days post op, then they put me in this hard cast at a neutral position. No weekly adjustments or follow up whatsoever.
    I discussed this with the surgeon, before I was discharged from the hospital, he told me there is no need to come in for check up, unless I was in overbearing pain/discomfort, which so far hasn’t been the case (thank god).

    I’m trying now to use to ice pack while elevating my foot, which does help to some extend.

  3. How did you manage neutral at 3 days post-op? That doesn’t sound comfortable!! You must have a high pain tolerance.

    6+ weeks off has it’s pro’s and con’s. I hope you have found things to keep you busy while taking care of your ankle.

    I’ve just started walking a mile at a time and hadn’t realized the thigh atrophy on my injured side…and that was after only 4 weeks NWB.

    It sounds like recovery protocol’s very greatly between surgeons and certainly depends on the level of tear and surrounding injuries (i.e. where the rupture occurred, if bones and other muscles/tendons were involved, ect). Luckily, mine was the normal mid-heel/calf complete tear and no other significant structural involvement (well, they never did any imagining but I’m healing well with very little set backs so I believe that to be the case).

    I found that every transfer to a new mobility level (NWB to WB in boot then boot to walking) sets me back. However, the progress has been significant within just of week of each transition. I hope you have as much/more success.

    Keep on keeping on.

  4. Hi Susan. In my case I think I might have either high pain tolerance or the pain wasn’t that much.

    I’ve mostly keep busy by reading books (lots), tv and spending time with family. In just over a week will be my first doctor’s visit. Hopefully to take off my cast off and some WB (either PWB or FWB), and when I can start with PT.

    Thanks for your words of encouragement, and glad for your progress thus far, patience and determination are the key for this recovery.

  5. It’s amazing the differences in surgeons. It’s been 3 weeks since surgery, in eeek 2 I was given a WB cast. I may be over doing it some by according to my phone I’ve walked 3.5 miles today. I get a traditional walking boot this week. The only issues I’ve had has been the wearing from my cast, hopefully it means the swelling is gone. At the time of my cast I asked the surgeon if I could go elk hunting and he stated as long as I wore a high top hiker. This trip would be 6 weeks from the date of surgery. I’m a little nervous but he said the pain would dictate what I could do. So far it’s been minimal.

  6. Hi Josh,
    Great to read your story.
    Any update on how things have been going?
    I’m keen to hear how everything is for you.

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