Post Op Pain

I’m now 16 days post op, and last night I had the most uncomfortable pain thus far. It felt like a burning and like electric current running through the back of my heal up my tendon. It felt uncomfortable and even though I was my leg raised, the swelling didn’t go away.
I was surprised, since the last couple of days the pain level was so much less. Has anyone experiences something similar a couple of weeks post op?
This morning the pain has lessened, but still some swelling.

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  1. I didn’t really have any pain. I took the prescribed pain pills for 2 or 3 days then went to half dose for another 2 days then just took Tylenol when I was achy or uncomfortable. I didn’t have any pain like you experienced. Keep icing it to help reduce the swelling.

  2. I had pain like that off and on for the first month or two. My doctor said, more or less, that I’d feel stuff like that. I just imagined that it was nerves and other tissue growing back together and that took my mind off of it.

  3. Thanks pjhalifax and cserpent for your comments. The pain has since subdued, just the usual swelling. Going through this third week is something.

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