Recovering Achilles Surgery

Hi all,

Two weeks ago I ruptured the Achilles’ tendon on my right foot playing tennis. The next ┬áday on the 15th of August, I was scheduled for repair operation. The operation went well, and according t my orthopedic surgeon, the tore was very close to the bone, as well as a small part of the calcaneus bone was fractured along with the tendon, which he had to put back together with a screw.

After the operation, the pain was tolerable though I was on pain killers regimen for the next three days post op, along with a soft cast. On the 4th day post op, x-ray was taken on my healing foot, and a hard cast was put on leg, which according to my doctor I have to be in for the next 6 six weeks NWB.

I’ve been recovering at home for the last week now, and what I’ve notice is my foot swells when put my healing leg/foot down the pillow or when I’m walking around the house using my crutches.

My next appointment with the surgeon is for the 2nd of October, hopefully then I will get more in depth details from my doctor about what’s next in the recovery period.

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  1. Hello giov, welcome to the club nobody wants to join. That’s tough that you will be NWB for another 6 weeks. Have you thought of getting a knee scooter? That is SO much better than crutches for going from couch to kitchen to bathroom, as long as there aren’t any stairs in between. The couch phase is really boring, but you can look forward to small victories like one day brushing your teeth while standing on two legs! I’m around 3 weeks out from my injury and surgery. My rupture was relatively high, where the muscles are attached. Initially I had that uncomfortable feeling immediately upon getting up that my foot was filling with liquid, but that has subsided. I still have swelling, especially around the outside of my foot, but it’s gotten better over the last week. I remind myself that each day is better than the last, even if progress is slow.

  2. Greetings from another tennis player with a rupture! Sorry you had to join us.

    I found the first 4 weeks to be the toughest, so I hope you’re out of that phase soon. I had the swelling you described for quite a while - it slowly got better, but even after I got my boot off I wore a compression sock for a week or two to help with that.

    Good luck in the early stages of recovery! Lots of good resources here if you have questions.

  3. @ emupilot
    Indeed, not a club I was looking forward to be part of. Being on week 2 post op now, which are indeed the hardest thus far.
    From being independent doing all kind of stuff, to now just laying on the couch or bed, it’s something I’m starting to just getting used to. Right now I’m taking a day at a time and thinking positively for my recovery. I will check the knee scooter, thanks for the recommendation, and thank you for sharing your story, wish you a good recovery.

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  4. @pjhalifax
    Thanks for your msg. Right know I try to keep my healing leg up on a couple of pillows, which helps a bit. I don’t feel quite the pain that I was feeling in the first few days post op. Though I was prescribed pain killers, I’m just using on a need only basis. My doctor seems to have decided for the very conservative protocol in my case. I was wondering if I somehow needed to do a check up on my wound/stitches during these 6 weeks, but my surgeon replied not necessary, unless I’m in constant pains (above comfort zone).

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  5. I ditto emupilot - but then I was a disaster on crutches so for me the knee scooter was a requirement or I probably would have messed up my foot again. I feel for you being NWB for 6 more weeks. I went through that too. It gets tiresome, but it is doable. Good luck and keep that foot elevated and ice behind the knee when it swells. Keeping the swelling down is very important at this stage. For my first 3 weeks I had to elevate 90% of the time and during that time I was regularly icing as well.

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