Week 4 post-op

Well it’s been 1 month since my AT surgery, and looking back I can’t believe a month has already passed.
My current status is that I’m still in the hard cast NWB, my first Doctor’s appointment is for 10/2 (seems so far away). These past 2 weeks I’m sort of getting myself into some sort of at home routine (lots of reading, movies, TV) and crutching around the house.
I eased off the pain releave I was prescribed (diclofenac sodium) mostly because of the side effects I’ve read. Now here and there I’m just taking Advil. Also, This week was the last dose of the daily injections of blood thinners (to prevent cloth).
What I’ve noticed is that this past week, I’ve feeling like “current” going through my heal area, and feels a bit like a burning/tingling sensation and swelling, but it goes away as soon as I keep leg elevated and no movement for a few minutes. I was a bit worried if it might be some signs of infection (which is my main concern atm). Especially, while in this hard cast I cannot inspect the wound. I don’t feel the rushing of fluids down my leg everytime I put my leg down, as it did in the first 2 weeks post op, ┬ábut the swelling still persist, especially at night time.

Overall I keep a positive attitude, and thinking on the things I’ve taken for granted like; Walking, driving, being independent, and yes working (I get full paid leave during my recovery at home). Looking forward for when the cast comes off, but wondering what would be next. We’ll see.

Post Op Pain

I’m now 16 days post op, and last night I had the most uncomfortable pain thus far. It felt like a burning and like electric current running through the back of my heal up my tendon. It felt uncomfortable and even though I was my leg raised, the swelling didn’t go away.
I was surprised, since the last couple of days the pain level was so much less. Has anyone experiences something similar a couple of weeks post op?
This morning the pain has lessened, but still some swelling.

Recovering Achilles Surgery

Hi all,

Two weeks ago I ruptured the Achilles’ tendon on my right foot playing tennis. The next ┬áday on the 15th of August, I was scheduled for repair operation. The operation went well, and according t my orthopedic surgeon, the tore was very close to the bone, as well as a small part of the calcaneus bone was fractured along with the tendon, which he had to put back together with a screw.

After the operation, the pain was tolerable though I was on pain killers regimen for the next three days post op, along with a soft cast. On the 4th day post op, x-ray was taken on my healing foot, and a hard cast was put on leg, which according to my doctor I have to be in for the next 6 six weeks NWB.

I’ve been recovering at home for the last week now, and what I’ve notice is my foot swells when put my healing leg/foot down the pillow or when I’m walking around the house using my crutches.

My next appointment with the surgeon is for the 2nd of October, hopefully then I will get more in depth details from my doctor about what’s next in the recovery period.

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