Sep 02 2008

Two shoes, no crutches!

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Well, have just returned from the hosiptal. The consultant told me to ditch the boot, said my foot and scar seemed fine and was discharging me. So was pointed in the direction of the Physio department and hobbled down there carrying my crutches (my security blanket!). Have been given exercises to do and told to try and walk as much as I can and use one or two crutches when doing long distances in the short-term. I have another physio appt in 2 weeks time. Am pretty pleased I was able to walk/hobble out of there and hopefully it can only get better from here! Am in trainers and so far not irritating the scar. This is such a good feeling! Although as it has done nothing but rain here in Stockport, am slightly scared of slipping. Will be really taking care out there.

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  1. anniehon 02 Sep 2008 at 3:30 pm

    Well, another victim from Stockport, didn’t notice you on here before, where did you have your op, was it Stepping Hill? I had mine in the Alexandra - long story - NHS not very good at my diagnosis!!!

    I ruptured my achilles way back in March had my first trip out into Manchester about 4 weeks ago, and yes, it was raining and I just had the one crutch with me, as you say just as a security blanket.


  2. ginger982on 04 Sep 2008 at 2:20 pm

    Hi annieh,

    Yes am another victim from Stockport - was treated at Stepping Hill. Am pretty pleased although did have doubts along the way as thought sometimes everyone else was progressing a lot quicker, but glad to be at the point I am now.Are you having lots of physio? I’ve got plenty of exercises to do and have been told to walk as much as possible to build up strength.
    I believe you’re a Man City supporter, my husband is too, I am a Leicester City fan unfortunately as that’s where I’m from originally! This blog site has been great for support but I only actually started my own a couple of weeks ago.

  3. anniehon 05 Sep 2008 at 2:03 am

    Hi Rachel,

    I had my op at the Alexandra by Dr. Dalal, he also works out of Stepping Hill so he might have done yours as well. Dr. Dalal told me to stop physio after 3 sessions but I paid extra to have about 4 more then when I last saw Dr. Dalal he said the physio was making no difference so I stopped and just do the exercises she and Dr. Dalal gave me.

    I agree about this blog site, it has been fantastic such a great help.

    One of my favourite City players of recent years was Paul Dickov he left us for Leicester and I think he has gone back there this season.

    I am twice your age so I think it has taken me longer to recover but I am doing pretty well now, still limping and I mostly carry my crutch with me if I am out shopping but don’t use it at work or at home. I have walked from my house in Bramhall down to the village and back which is about a mile and a half but was pretty tired when I got home. It is different when shopping as you can lean on a trolley. It’s a bit scary when crossing roads in case traffic does not give way!!

    Good luck

  4. ginger982on 10 Sep 2008 at 2:36 pm

    You’re right, Dickov has returned to Leicester, watch this space, hoping we’ll be back up to the Championship asap!!
    Back to physio next week and hoping I have progressed (feeling like I haven’t much at the moment as have been told to concentrate on walking properly which is definitely not easy!) So frustrating to be going at snails pace but then I remind myself of being in plaster only a 3 weeks ago and realise how far I’ve come! Hired an automatic though this week and made it round a supermarket on my own which is a big achievement, oooh independence!
    Liked your blog on the puddles and dentist, very amusing!

  5. Richardon 11 Sep 2008 at 6:52 pm

    Hello Ginger,
    Well done on actually walking again - I wish. However don’t under-estimate league one, you’re going to get what we get (Leeds Utd) every week.Its always their cup final with a full house at places like Cheltenham ,Yeovil and dare I say it Stockport County!!
    Richard (come on Leeds)

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