Aug 24 2008

My leg’s so small…….

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On 19 August returned to the fracture clinic to be fitted with what I hoped was to be my last cast at that sought after 90 degrees. I was actually fitted with a boot so wasn’t actually prepared for getting my leg back! Think I am quite far along the recovery journey to have a boot as alot of you seem to get them pretty early on. But hey, very welcome all the same - whilst looking forward to washing my leg etc I was also so scared at my leg being free - have been used to protection of cast for 10 weeks! My leg just feels so weak and looks so small and thin although now I’m crutch free (and I may be imagining it) - but am sure it has already started to get a bit bigger - does this happen? . I’ve been told not to mobilise my foot at all outside the boot apart from wiggling my toes but its tempting to try! Is so good to read all your blogs as I really feel you don’t get told much by doctors. I always come away having forgotten to ask at least 2 questions I intended to!

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  1. jennyon 25 Aug 2008 at 6:10 am

    Hi ginger, I also had my foot in a cast for 10 weeks but had my foot at 90 degrees for the last five of them. My calf is now half the size of the other one. I just got the cast off on Aug. 21 and am now also wearing the boot. It would seem that we both have very conservative surgeons. I am starting physio this afternoon and am looking forward to beginning my recovery, rather than just sitting and healing. However, when I got my cast off four days ago, my surgeon told me to carefully stretch out my foot while up on pillows and to carefully stand barefoot to get my foot used to being unsupported. It feels really weird and is quite scary. I use a cane while doing this for balance. It is funny how they all do everything differently. Are you starting PT now?

  2. ginger982on 25 Aug 2008 at 11:51 am

    Hi Jenny,

    Good to hear from you. I too have been quite surprised by the big differences in approaches to treatment. I will hopefully start Physio next week, most of me is really looking forward to the next phase of the recovery stage but also a bit scared. Used hair removal cream on my leg today, feels so good (was told not to shave for at least a week but veet would be ok - still decided to give it almost a week to be on the safe side as didn’t want a skin reaction as would be ultra sensitive after so long in a cast) and so far so good! I have just used leg for balance when out of boot but no weight on it. Hope the PT went well today. Good luck with this next stage….

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