Sep 10 2008

Learning to walk again…

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Well, its been just over a week since I went into 2 shoes and am having a frustrated day today as feel like I’m not making much progress on the walking front. My foot istself feels fairly strong but I just can’t seem to walk without a limp. I was given exercises by physio to do and told to concentrate on ‘walking properly’ - easier said than done! Am really trying to do the toe heel movement but just end up limping. Am trying minute steps which seems ok for a while but then I just end up limping again. Does anyone have any advice? The doctor told me to walk as much as possible to build up the strength and I feel my calf has already strenghtened. My foot is also quite swollen by the end of the day but icing it and elevating it in the evening seems to help. Flying to San Francisco next week so guessing compression socks and asprin may be the order of the day for that one! Just realised I used ‘limp’ far too much in this post!!

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Sep 02 2008

Two shoes, no crutches!

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Well, have just returned from the hosiptal. The consultant told me to ditch the boot, said my foot and scar seemed fine and was discharging me. So was pointed in the direction of the Physio department and hobbled down there carrying my crutches (my security blanket!). Have been given exercises to do and told to try and walk as much as I can and use one or two crutches when doing long distances in the short-term. I have another physio appt in 2 weeks time. Am pretty pleased I was able to walk/hobble out of there and hopefully it can only get better from here! Am in trainers and so far not irritating the scar. This is such a good feeling! Although as it has done nothing but rain here in Stockport, am slightly scared of slipping. Will be really taking care out there.

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Aug 24 2008

My leg’s so small…….

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On 19 August returned to the fracture clinic to be fitted with what I hoped was to be my last cast at that sought after 90 degrees. I was actually fitted with a boot so wasn’t actually prepared for getting my leg back! Think I am quite far along the recovery journey to have a boot as alot of you seem to get them pretty early on. But hey, very welcome all the same - whilst looking forward to washing my leg etc I was also so scared at my leg being free - have been used to protection of cast for 10 weeks! My leg just feels so weak and looks so small and thin although now I’m crutch free (and I may be imagining it) - but am sure it has already started to get a bit bigger - does this happen? . I’ve been told not to mobilise my foot at all outside the boot apart from wiggling my toes but its tempting to try! Is so good to read all your blogs as I really feel you don’t get told much by doctors. I always come away having forgotten to ask at least 2 questions I intended to!

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Aug 24 2008

Hello world!

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