The Journey Has Begun

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Since the moment I stole a pass during the pickup basketball game on November 16th, 2008 I’ve been on the road to recovery.  The thing is I don’t know how long it will actually take.  I was  on a weekend cruise to the Bahamas and during the “Day at Sea” I decide to play some hoops.  I was probably the oldest guy on the court (mid-forties) and holding my own among the twenty-somethings when there it went.  The classic symptoms.  The popping feeling in the back of the ankle, the feeling that someone just hit me in the back of my leg with a hammer and the incredible PAIN!!  I iced it and wrapped it in an Ace bandage.  The next day I hobbled off the ship, onto an airplane and finally home.  A day later my orthopedist diagnosed the rupture.  An MRI confirmed a complete tear.  My doctor immediately put me in a Cam boot until the surgery could be perfomed.  The boot actually felt fine.  I had almost no pain in the days before the surgery. 

My surgery was the day after thanksgiving which put a damper on things because I couldn’t have that late night apple pie on Thankgiving.  I was ordered not to eat anything after 7pm so as not to interfere with the anesthesia.  Sugery was performed as an outpatient and I was sent home with some vicadin and an antibiotic.  I thougth I could do without the vicadin, but about 3:30 am I guess all the anesthesia and pain killers from the surgery wore off and I desparately took the vicadin without any more thoughts of “toughing it out”.  I took it every four hours for the next two days.  After that, the pain subsided quickly.  I stayed home from work that first week post -op and pretty much layed on m back with my feet up.  My leg was in a splint, not a hard cast.   I hobbled into work the next week, very unsteady on the crutches.  Luckily, everyone has been considerate, coming to see me in my cubicle when necessary.  I stayed behind my desk all day, getting up only when absolutely neccesary.

The doctor removed the splint and put me in an adjustable Cam Boot two weeks after the surgery.  A week later my stiches were removed.  Physicak therapy will start next week.  I can’t wait for it!   I’m looking forward to some real progress on this raod to recovery.

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